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Our story

We are convinced that destiny and faith were the creators of our story’s beginning. Being honest, it appears rather unusual to meet the love of your life when showing up uninvited at a birthday party of a stranger, which you only were attending since your friend dragged you along. But as we can tell now; it does happen!

The following seven years are not less destined than the first encounter and a manifestation of two personalities’ expression who overcame challenges due to their firm believe in the meaningfulness and purpose of their wonderful relation to each other. 

We both were not exactly keen on having a long-term relationship as we were only too familiar with the obstacles in those. Still, it hasn´t been long before realizing resistance is useless, and a thrilling time started for us where we enjoyed to get to know each other while traveling forth and back between The Netherlands and later on Norway; special thanks to KLM, Eurolines and Ferdinand, a.k.a. the racing bun.

After all, does it really matter to have some hundreds of kilometers distance between us, if there is a deep affection and countless similarities, like the passion for music, the curiosity in travel and foreign cultures, sports- and outdoor activities and a shared understanding of life as such, and that it is supposed to be enjoyed to the fullest.

Having the dream to turn our long distance- into a non-distance relationship required us to make the first important decisions. In the following it was time to say goodbye for Agnes to the job in Ingolstadt and her apartment in Nuremberg and to start our next chapter together in Stavanger.

Mission ‘’common apartment in Norway’’ has been launched in line with all challenges when it comes to settle in a new country, as well when two persons settle within 50 sqm. This, however, gave us the chance to rediscover ourselves and let our love thrive. Many thrilling and unforgettable trips followed along with new common friendships and unforgettable experiences.

After several relocations we found ourselves ultimately in Oslo, where we made the first decision of real impact, which we consider THE BEST decision of our lives so far. In June 2016 our furry companion and bon viveur Spencer moves into our apartment and makes us feel a family. Always in the thick and never on the sideline he determines our every-day life as our most loyal office colleague, outdoor companion, couch potato and bed-buddy and truly THE most passionate foodie on earth.

Since going against the stream has defined and influenced our relationship and decisions ever since it has been no surprise that we have decided to get married in the seven-year itch to express our common understanding in the journey of life. After a romantic island engagement in October 2018 we have decided on a summer wedding later this year. From the start we both knew the location had to be in the mountains as it should express our enthusiasm for mountains and the places where we had some of our best experiences.

We can´t wait to share our passion for the Alpes and the manifestation of our love with all of you on this special day in Gerlos and are looking forward so much to you joining our “YES – FOREVER!” 

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