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Location and venue

Gerlos is situated in the Gerlostal, one of several side valleys of the Zillertal. Embedded into the picturesque surrounding of the Austrian Alpes at 1,250 metres above sea level, Gerlos boasts great panoramic views of some of Austria's highest mountains. 

For those who want to arrive early there is plenty to do, as Gerlos is renown for its wide selection of sporting and recreational opportunities. Click here for some ideas.

The Rössl Alm

For those of you not too familiar with the pitfalls of the German language kindly allow us the following excursus.

Rössl = Austrian dialect for young / small horses

Alm : area traditionally, as well as contemporary, used to keep and feed livestock, such as cattle, sheep, horses, etc. during the summer months in elevated mountain areas.  

The Rösslalm is situated above Gerlos, at 1,500 metres of sea-level. While it is nowadays commercially used to host skiers during wintertime and trekkers in the summer, its name indicates the close ties to its legacy and a time where horses have been fed during the summer on the evergreen meadows belonging to the Rösslalm.  

We look forward to celebrate together with you in the modernised facilities of the Rösslalm, but still with its great sense of tradition, in the stunning mountain arena of the Zillertal Alps.

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